3. Orientation:

New Hampshire's White Mountains, found in the north portion of the state, are often available, with Route 16, Interstate 93, and Route 3 delivering north-south travel, and Routes 2, 302, and 112 slicing the area within an easterly-westerly direction.

4. White Mountain Sights:

A. On Route 2:

Santa's Village, positioned in Jefferson, brand new Hampshire, and open from May to December, is just a Christmas-themed park and permits kids to consult with the man that is bearded the red suit in July, feed their reindeer, and revel in 19 different rides and tasks, including antique automobiles, a yule log flume, a flying sleigh, a Jingle Bells Express train, a roller coaster, and a waterpark. Real time, 3-D programs are presented into the Polar Theater, and the Burgermeister Food Court offers an selection of items for lunch, like the possibility to embellish gingerbread cookies.

Single-, two-day, and period passes permit limitless use of the park's trips, programs, and tourist attractions.

Six Gun City and Fort Splash is another family-oriented theme park in Jefferson accessed by Route 2, but with a focus that is western. Open between May and September, it allows its people to "ride, slide, and play all day" on destinations including go-carts, laser label, water slides, bumper boats, sawmill trips, mechanical stage coaches, log ships, and a Gold Rush Runaway Train.

Kids can make a deputy badge through the sheriff or step over to another part for the legislation and have now their images adorn wanted posters.

A transportation museum displays higher than a hundred carriages that are antique sleighs, such as the oldest Concord Coach.
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